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Elizabeth Keomailani Lydia Crowningburg

Was born Elizabeth Keomailani Crowningburg 24 Feb 1859 in Lahaina.  She had a twin sister - Lydia Kalola who died in infancy on 27 Nov 1859 (age 8 month, 27 days).  Newspaper articles list a twin birth to the wife of J. Crowningburg on that date, and also a death date for Lydia Kalola in Lahaina.

Mother: (High Chiefess) Miriam Auhea Kekāuluohi, daughter of High Chief Kaiheʻekai (son of Hoʻolulu, who along with brother Hoapili hid the bones of Kamehameha I, who were both sons of Kameeiamoku, who along with his twin brother Kamanawa, advised Kamehameha I in his conquest of the islands) and High Chiefess Namahana (daughter of Kealiʻimaikaʻi and Peleuli, the daughter of Kalaʻimamahu, half-brother of Kamehameha I by the same father Keoua.  Auhea was allegedly a close friend of Queen Emma, which would explain why her daughter was chosen to be educated in England.

Father:  Isaac Jesse Crowningburg (many spelling variations), a tax collector in Lahaina.

1867 (age 8) Keomailani goes with Mother Sellon back to England

1880 (age 21) called back to Hawaii by Kalākaua to marry Prince Leleiohoku, who dies before she can return.  She is escorted back by Mrs. (Dr.) J. S. McGrew and her daughter Kate (later Mrs. Charles B. Cooper), who later recalled stories from her mother of borrowing money from a stranger to cover the costs of transporting all of Keomailaniʻs books and music.

1881 - marries Englishman and Cathedral organist Wray Taylor, who had just arrived from Lowell, Massachusetts to be the organist at St. Andrewʻs.  He had competed with 8 other organists for the position.  In addition to St. Andrewʻs, he was also organist at the old Kaumakapili Church for over three years (it burned down in the "great fire of 1900"), and at the old Fort Street church.  He assisted with the installation of all major church organs in Hawaii at the time (St. Andrewʻs, Central Union, Oahu College, Hilo Foreign Church, Makawao Foreign Church, Kaumakapili Church, Kawaiahao Church).  He gave the first organ recital in Hawaii.

Marriage ceremony is held in the Pro-Cathedral.  Little Kate McGrew and Emmelita Wilder are the bridesmaids.

1882 - Birth of son William Edward Kaiheʻekai Bishop Taylor on 28 April in Honolulu.

1883 - Birth of twin girls Mabel Nalanielua Taylor and Henrietta Kalanihoano Taylor on 10 Feb in Honolulu.  Pauahi and Charles Reed Bishop offer to take William as a hānai (they were his god-parents at his christening).  Offer is refused, and twin girls are offered instead.  Bishopʻs did not want the girls.

1884 - Birth of daughter Emily Auhea Taylor (later marries Leon Moise Strauss, 2 Jan 1912) on 5 April in Honolulu.

1887 - Birth of daughter Beatrice Kuliaikanuu Taylor (later married Joshua Durhave Clauton, 19 Jun 1912)

1887 Death from "consumption" (tuberculosis) on 3 Aug, the same illness which claimed the lives of the other Hawaiian girls who died in England.  Wray Taylor leaves the four girls (ages 5, 3, and newborn) in the care of the Sisters.  William is sent to Kamehameha School for boys, as part of the first class - school was founded in 1887.

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